Monday, September 21, 2009

Latitude 28 set to unveil an eclectic mix of emerging and established artists at AEI

The galleries participating in Art Expo India 2009 see it as a perfect opportunity to present the best of their collection and interact with the art lovers. Latitude 28 is no exception. All set to make its presence felt at the second edition of Art Expo India, renowned art curator-historian Bhavna Kakar will unveil an eclectic mix of both emerging and established artists under her art venture.

Bhavna Kakar is known to be an authority on Modern & Contemporary art with a focus on the Indian subcontinent, in particular. Under the able leadership of this renowned New Delhi-based art expert, Latitude 28 has already drawn the attention of art lovers. Its' committed to bringing forth challenging and evocative art in a wide array of mediums.

Latitude 28 is keen to introduce different genres of not only Indian but also global art practices. Its aim is to highlight the dynamism of current art practices as with the recent show ‘RE-CLAIM / RE-CITE / RE-CYCLE’, involving over thirty works in various media such as watercolors, drawings, photographs, videos, digital prints and paintings based on the concept of recycling.

Committed to providing a bankable platform to young talent from India and other countries, the art venture is looking to encourage broad-based art practices ranging from photography, installations and video, to painting and sculpture. By spotting latent talent and anticipating trends, Latitude 28 is in a position to exploit the potential of art as an asset to enjoy and benefit from even in today’s challenging times.

It has hosted works of artists such as Prajakta Palav, Manjunath Kamath, Justin Ponmany, Atul Bhalla, Pooja Iranna, Alok Bal, Farhad Hussain, Binu Bhaskar, George Martin, Sandeep Pisalkar, Minal Damani, Apurba Nandi, and seniors like Nasreen Mohamedi, Bhupen Khakhar, G R Santosh, Ganesh Haloi and Prabhakar Kolte, among others.

Watch out for Latitude 28 at AEI…

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