Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Jolrong keen to diffuse the passion for Bangladeshi art within the global community

Fine arts movement in India’s close neighboring country, Bangladesh has witnessed several influences – local and global. It has been greatly influenced by two milestone events – the mass movement that took place in 1969 and the momentous liberation war of 1971. After an intense struggle of over nine months, the country became independent. Two contrasting emotions of freedom and a sense of loss are evident in the paintings and sculptures since then.

To acquaint Indian art lovers with art traditions of the country, a prominent gallery from Bangladesh is participating in Art Expo India 2009. It brings an interesting assembly of talented artists whose works will be showcased at the event.

Among some of the noteworthy artists associated with Jolrong are Rokeya Sulatana, Musrat Reazi, Dilara Begum Jolly, Mostafa Zaman, Najib Tareque, Atia Islam Anne and Subrata Das.Their work is largely based on prevailing social realities. They together represent the contemporary art trends of Bangladesh.

Keen to make its presence felt in the international art market, the gallery thinks Mumbai is the right city to in this endeavor. Jolrong believes that it’s their duty to be part of the development process of an empowered and progressive community of talented free thinkers. From this point of view, AEI provides it a perfect launch pad.

The gallery has launched a fine collection of works that reflect a radical stream of thought. Their desire is to diffuse the passion for Bangladeshi art within the global community. Jolrong strives to act as the artists’ and art lovers' window to the world.

As their website states: “Our goal is to make it (Bangladeshi art) among the oldest in world history, and make it accessible to anyone in any corner of the earth. In this way, we harness the talent of the artists in order to bring you a treasure house of prints and originals of select Bangladeshi artworks.”

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