Monday, February 4, 2013

Liquid Distillation of Animated Consciousness

Artworks of Neeraj Goswami reflect the state of art in India as it grew over the last fifty years. An inherent sense of wholeness marks them, not least owing to the precision of his composition as well as the sensitive color range he unveils, as evident in a solo of his works on view at Sanchit Art in Agra.

He, since his childhood, had always found himself reasonably well established as an accomplished artist.  His pictorial style got consolidated over the fettle bed of his self-realization that was the outcome of his spiritual life. His art, in fact, is a life-long narration of how such a dramatic transformation came about in his life and how his art reciprocated the same transformation, slowly yet steadily, in canvas and on paper and occasionally sculpted in bronzes.

The idea on his part is to establish an artistic connection between the real and the perceived. According to him, when one reaches a certain state of mind within, one realizes the eternal essence of being going beyond the mundane. For him as an artist, the challenge is to create, explore and understand the geometry of the human body. He does so by breaking the forms as we tend to see outwardly and then simplifying the structure so as to make it look aesthetically more defined than the actuality.

Explaining this particular facet of his art, he has stated: “I am building my very own iconography by trying to weld silence and music, triangles, planes, sharp angles and curves merge with mysterious depths and fluid shadow-lines that balance out.” The resultant spontaneous images, though largely composed of cubism-inspired peculiar geometrical shapes, don’t give an impression of being disjointed.

Agra-based Sanchit Art Gallery was launched in March 2010 with an inaugural show and party in the presence of eminent personalities from the art world. The gallery was conceptualized to showcase the treasures of Indian art across the world and to provide a platform to young talented artists to be able to put forth their best and evolve.

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