Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Useful tips to ‘start and develop art career

Conceptualized as a comprehensive guide for emerging visual artists - painters, sculptors, video artists, installation makers or photographers – entitled ‘Starting Your Career as an Artist’ (Publisher: Allworth Press; Pages: 256; Price: $19.95) offers precious insights into building a successful and lasting career.

While interacting with established artists, gallerists, arts administrators, educators, and curators, the writers of the book, Angie Wojak and Stacy Miller, noticed specific patterns emerging for assured success in the field. All of them mostly agreed, the two found, the path to success was largely ‘self-determined’. The broad consensus, which emerged was: ‘To be a successful artist, one ought to figure out a way to be unique. Get in the studio day in and day out, and work towards building your own brand and cultivating your unique community of advocates and fellow artists.

The duo stated in an interview: “It’s vital to understand that making an artwork is less than half the battle. But we found that there was little grasping of the basics of marketing their work on their own and how to build a loyal community to sustain themselves. Artists must entrepreneurial and proactive and business-minded rather than they turning inward and simply rejecting the business and social side of their art practice in every way.” It contains vital information for creative minds keen to launch or enhance their careers, some of which is stated below, as the two suggest.

Visit art openings. Get familiar with contemporary art scenario, since it will form part of your prime target audience to sell your brand and work once you come out of school. Gradually learn the finer points of business of art.

Your goal at arts school should be to grasp as much as possible from the experienced teachers and seniors. Find a studio space after you complete studies, and get to professional work. Try to devote half of your total work week at least to pure art. Create a strong and consistent body of work.

Subtly promote yourself. Have an art portfolio along with business cards ready. Start familiarizing yourself with the local art community. Be part of art events. Host studio parties if space permits. Stay focused.

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