Friday, February 8, 2013

A handy guide to understanding art

Known for coming up with ambitious and all-encompassing, informative and enchanting surveys of art history, the world-renowned publishing house, Phaidon, is at the work again! The publisher has just unveiled a comprehensive overview of art viewing and appreciation in context of the contemporary scenario and historical perspective. It has updated the earlier version to incorporate the present developments. The document is conceived and a created as a complete guide for an aspiring art lover-collector, often constrained by lack of perspective.

Compiled meticulously over last several years by a team of in-house specialists, ‘The Art Book: New Edition’ (Pages: 592; 600 artists, 600 color illustrations; $59.95) is being rightfully projected as a vastly expanded version of its groundbreaking title. Editors at Phaidon first unveiled the idea in 1994, when the publishing house released the fully-illustrated dictionary of art. Now, nearly decades later, it has introduced this updated version. Some of its important features are as follows:

• Adding over several new works to its roster, its core aim, as stated above, is to reflect new emerging trends in the world of art. Now incorporating photography, video installations and performance art, this updated volume features over 100 new artworks, for an impressive total of 600. It subtly juxtaposes classic works with excellent pieces by highly talented contemporary artists

• It features the innovative ways in which the world of art has been reinvigorated in the last twenty years. Still alphabetically organized by each artist’s name, the category-less review is a much refreshing alternative to the earlier stuffy tomes.

• Easy to read, simple to grasp, informative as well as fun to go through, it’s devised as a holistic guide to many of the greatest painters, sculptors and photographers from the medieval times right until today. It looks to act as a launch pad for ardent art lovers apart from preparing the ideal background to help them pursue their passion for collecting art. 

The book is ideal and a good beginning for those seeking the basic structure of a modern art orientation. It takes up a fresher, newer approach to art education with this compilation that draws together the research and artworks of a broad selection of critics, artists, academics and curators.

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