Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A quick glance at Art13 Performances

Art13 Performances as part of Art13 London is a dedicated hub for the discussion and presentation of performance art. Curated by Amanprit Sandhu, and set against a peculiar site-specific backdrop designed by t Bedwyr Williams, they range from performances in which the audiences are invited to take an active participation to dysfunctional monologues. We take a quick look at some of the artists featuring in this section:
  • The role of the narrator and the artists’ voice as a purveyor of truths is ever present in the sardonic tale presented by Bedwyr Williams (Ceri Hand Gallery), and Juneau Projects’ (Ceri Hand Gallery) short radio play.  The body, as a site of resistance and representation, is central to the performances of international artists Joel Yuen (2092 Gallery, Singapore), and Ingrid Mwangi Robert Hutter (Alexander Ochs Gallery, Germany/China).
  • Singaporean artist Joel Yuen will present Anthem, a critique on the political indoctrination within the Asian and Southeast Asian context. The performance duo Ingrid Mwangi Robert Hutter from Kenya and Germany respectively, will use a live camera to capture distinct moments of touching and handling fruits that are reminiscent of Mwangi’s childhood in Kenya.
  • The use of the body as both a tool and source of production is explored in the performances of artists Helena Hunter (Jerome Zoda Contemporary, Italy) and Myriam El Haik (Vincenz Sala Paris-Berlin, France/Germany).  The voice and the feedback loop are concerns that arise in the ritualistic, visceral, performances of Plastique Fantastique (IMT Gallery, UK).
  • Hugo Dalton’s (Fine Art Society, London) practice is rooted in observational drawing and concerned with the relationship between architecture and movement. In his videos and performances Feiko Beckers (Yeo Workshop) both recounts and stages personal stories which often revolve around personal failures, accidents and embarrassments he once experienced. Rebecca Lennon’s (Ceri Hand Gallery, UK) fantastical, absurd monologue concerns the number zero. Seated in front of a mirror, the audience will see themselves reflected, while only the artist’s legs will be visible, and her voice deferred to the soundtrack being played.

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