Friday, December 21, 2012

Playfully working around social and personal concerns with

Subtle sprinkling of humor adds a light-hearted touch to Mithu Sen’s artistic quest to examine the political, social and fundamental aspects of our identity. The playful and serious images that she often depict of the intimate lives of men form the core of large-scale drawings, accompanied by sound installations. In essence, she studies the different possibilities we harbor of self-perception and the way our identity and development is influenced of society.

Known to be a multi-faceted artist, she puts to use a wide range of media, such as sculptural projects, drawing, collage, objects, video works, and installation. Her drawings often extend into installation and other mediums in order to explore the elision of audio- visual experiences. Engaged in general issue of gender in postmodernism and with the subjective experience of sexuality and fragile femininity in post-emancipation, her visual narrative is often autobiographical. For example, her ‘Myth U’ showcased as part of ‘Myth – Reality: Constructing Cult-u're’ at the Mumbai based Guild Gallery, is a self portrait.

It suggests ‘how friends/people like to read/see/write/call me...though it is funny but it has an inner psychology that drives’s how people spell/ed my name...’, as she puts it. “When the self portrait blurs into the viewers’ eyes, they don’t necessarily dig into my personal lives; they rather make a new journey relating (to) their own life, perspectives, and they put their own portrait into that void and become that very subject into that whole event. It becomes their own (auto)biography.”

Apart from the Skoda Prize, she has received YFLO(FICCI) Young Achievers Award (2008); Kunstmuseum Bern Residency, Switzerland (2007); Bose Pacia Artist in Residence, New York (2006); UNESCO Ashburg Scholarship for Brazil (2005-06); Lijang Studio Residency, Yunnan, China (2005); Khoj International Artists Residency, Delhi (2003); Junior Fellowship from Union Ministry of HRD (2000), and AIFACS Award, Delhi (1998).

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