Monday, December 24, 2012

Abir karmarkar’s core artistic concerns

Artist Abir karmarkar’s critical concern is depiction of flesh in all its materiality and corporeality. Working with a mixture of readymade or found images including his own images and other photographic references from personal and archetypal iconography, he reuses and transfigures them, manipulating them to make them relevant to the intended artistic output in oils on canvas. The artist takes advantage of technology to juxtapose these images in his work that mostly show two personas residing within a single body.

The images, carrying a touch of eroticism, come with a touch of melancholy and accentuate the feeling of isolation, which is inherent in his creations. An amalgamation of photographic and painterly techniques, they depict his alternative ego, ‘the feminine being hidden within me’, as he reveals, “I look to blur boundaries between the feminine and masculine, by questioning such notions.” His compositions incorporate an unconventional subject matter that he portrays in his own inimitable style. His photo realist images - sharp and edgy, sensual and satirical - are as real as a picture, but as phantasmagorical as a quirky piece of art.

The Baroda based artist employs an innovative technique to narrate an imaginary autobiography on the canvas. He explains, “I create a virtual reality, a sort of parallel world, to explore my ‘other’ self, and convey or question certain prevailing concepts and notions related to sexuality that I find odd and unjustifiable.”

He pays minute attention to detailing, color and lighting in his works that portray a different shade of sexuality with a hint of intimacy and eroticism. He says, “To some extent, I dramatize or magnify the core concept, but the idea is to get to the root of it, and not to provide a shallow representation.

It’s part real, part fictional and part autobiographical. One cannot demarcate the boundaries! I am neither propagating any ideology nor passing any message. I merely articulate my viewpoint through my works. As an artist, I am more concerned with enhancing the visual, conceptual quality of my works.”

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  1. Je vous souhaite un très joyeux noël à vous et tous les vôtres ainsi qu'une heureuse année 2013.

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