Monday, December 10, 2012

India’s promising art practitioners – III

Dhananjay Singh: The cycle of human life and nature act as a major source of inspiration for his work. The artist takes traditional metalworking processes to a new level of skill and finesse with his contemporary art practice. His sculpture making is guided by emotional and symbolic resonance and his innovative approach, carrying the viewer into a mysterious meta-physical world.

Nikhileswar Baruah: The repetition of events and history is a marked theme in his work. As an artist, he is known to react to the immediate, the present - glancing at it though a window of the past.

Théodore Mesquita: His work records body culture, and its corroboration within the articulation of signs and symbols. It delves into the archetypal recognition of a broad psychological landscape, redefining the pluralistic cultures. Dwelling upon his artistic processes, he says, “In the foundation of my artistic endeavor, I have been consumed with the primal urge….to deliver and to sustain my expression, to achieve contemporary articulation, innovation, exploration and reflection - in the extended frame of time and space.”

Neeraj Goswami: Friction or fusion - between nature and human – is one of his favorite themes. His spontaneous images, though largely composed of cubism-inspired peculiar geometrical shapes, does not give an impression of being disjointed. An inherent sense of wholeness marks them, not least owing to the precision of his composition as well as the sensitive color range he unveils.

T.M. Azis: His work is figurative in nature. The paintings may revolve around what might be outwardly ordinary, everyday occurrences, deeply contemplated over. The human figures in his painting are often in sync with the other elements. The figures or objects act as symbols that spin around allegories as visualized and conceived by him.

Samit Das: Space or rather lack of it in the burgeoning cities is his primary artistic concern which he expresses through his visuals loaded with metaphors. His works allude to houses and made man structures. The ever changing dynamics of urban spaces, cityscape and mindscape prompts the artist to probe into their intricate interrelationship. He works with architectural structures to create intriguing forms.

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