Monday, December 10, 2012

India’s promising art practitioners – II

Suryakant Lokhande: An intense search for self coupled with acute concerns regarding the ultimate truth drives his artistic processes. His visual tempests emerged from the boundless energy of gestures and movements, the unceasing vitality of India’s everyday domestic decor, whereby his efforts altered the image from its fantastic lifeblood and its libidinal power, its exciting colors and scenes of collective drama to a deep disturbing image of uncertainty that is part of all our lives.

Sanjeev Sonpimpare: The twin forces of globalization and consumerism leading to increased insecurities, alienation, and the psychological strains is a matter of contemplation and concern to him. His much-acclaimed series ‘Cash Cow’ focused on how ‘everyday’ realities and the ‘existential’ questions of ‘locating the self’ and ‘unification of the inner-divisions’ often become the underlying motive, taking a dig at the culture of excess, and of indifference.

Rahul Chowdhury: Visuals that he encounters in his dream-world sometimes get superimposed on the real world or vice-versa in Rahul Chowdhury’s work. The resultant conflict remains at the core of his intriguing artistic process. The artist delves into human psyche, invariably caught in a state of flux, swinging between reality and illusion, trapped between outer and inner world, and alternating between materialistic and spiritual leanings.

Jagannath Mohapatra: A student of history, he looks to depict his chosen themes contemporary in context. His visual realm is invariably linked to the realities of life. The artist is known for his intense visual narrations, based on his experiences and perceptions of sensitive issues that disturb him as an artist and as an individual. He tells his tales through his paintings, and leaves it to the viewers to mull over them for drawing their own conclusions.

Suneel Mamadapur: The most striking aspect of his compositions is the motifs that he employs - be it turtles or elephants – against a modern background of machines and similar such contraptions. His works are rather personalized in nature. They provide an insight into his development as an individual and artist, reflecting his state of mind.

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