Thursday, September 27, 2012

‘Time lapse’

The Guild Art Gallery presents a solo exhibition of works, entitled ‘Time lapse’, by young and talented artist Prajakta Potnis in Mumbai. She makes the following key points in her statement that provide an insight into her work and thought process:
  • Between the intimate world of an individual and the world outside which is separated sometimes only by a wall there are imperceptible elements that may transgress and affect the psyche of individuals. My attempt is to address social and individual anxieties through the degeneration that happens within the everyday.
  • From decaying vegetables in a refrigerator, which may be genetically modified to cancerous growth on everyday objects, I have realized that the passage of time has somehow always found a way into my work. Objects and spaces, that have a time told testimony to give, often disclose an out of control situation, an outburst that is often result of apathy or neglect, interestingly woven within the fabric of time.
  • When I was invited to show my works in Mumbai and Kolkata simultaneously, I looked at the opportunity to view the two cities through the lens of time, there is a time difference between Mumbai and Kolkata to start with which is not followed, since post independence, according to UTC (coordinated time zones) Mumbai is 1 hour, 2 Minutes and 9.6000000000017 seconds behind the scheduled time in Kolkata .I wanted to explore and unravel such layers only to have a better understanding of both the cities.
  • What intrigues me is while this interlude is veiled, the lapse continues to occur in a way like a slip through the cracks. My past experience with interventions within public spaces, that have been city centric mostly, on local issues such as land grab, water politics have enabled me to experience in first person the loop holes that exist within our warped bureaucratic system. 
  • One can experience stagnation and apathy of a veiled governance as soon as one gets acquainted with it at ground level. I am trying to look at the time lapse that prevails and metaphorically connect it to a systems failures that exits in both the cities.”

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