Saturday, September 22, 2012

'The Escape! Resume/Reset’ and ‘Allegory of the Endless Morning’

We take a quick look at the artists and their works featured at ARKEN Museum based in Copenhagen:
The renowned artist duo, Thukral & Tagra. has made the installation, titled 'The Escape! Resume/Reset’ especially for the exhibition. You step into a kitschy, poppish universe with pastel-colored carpets, graphically patterned wallpaper, a chandelier and paintings in loud advertising colors.

On the floor stands a group of rebuilt airplane seats upholstered in Indian materials, which you can sit in. There are cabin luggage and iPads with entertainment for the flight in the back of the seat in front. In a style all their own, the two have created a domesticated airliner.

They invite you on a mental journey where you can dream your way to exotic climes in the safety of the sofa. The work is a game, a kind of dream machine inspired by the longing to get away of young Indians, but for us it is a setting for meditating about how we live our lives between the local and the global.

Mumbai-based artist Jitish Kallat's billboard painting, titled ‘Allegory of the Endless Morning’ was specially created for the exhibition. It takes its point of departure in a panoramic photograph that he took one morning in front of a local railway station in Mumbai. In the painting a myriad of destinies is portrayed. Do they live in hope, pain or joy?

Mumbai is one of the world’s largest, most densely populated cities, with a population of around 21 million if you count the suburbs. In certain neighborhoods around 120,000 people live per sq. km. In Denmark’s most densely populated area, Frederiksberg Municipality, just under 11,000 people live per sq. km.

Every sixth person in the word is Indian. As the artist states; "The highly populated city of Mumbai, where I live, is almost a theater where the codes of daily existence are pushed to the extreme and this continually percolates my practice."
(Image and information courtesy: ARKON)

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