Monday, September 3, 2012

Evolution of a young and talented art practitioner

During her formative years, Heeral Trivedi mostly opted for abstract forms. Gradually, the human form started to surface, imparting a new dimension to her canvasses. What seemed mundane earlier inspired her to look at life and paintings from an entirely new perspective.

So the ordinary housewife engrossed in working on a sewing machine turned into a seamstress, assuming the role of a breadwinner, with more meaning to her daily household chores than what would seem to the passive onlooker. Titles like ‘The Cotton Pickers’ and ‘The Masala Grinder’ explain the artist’s acceptance of their relevance and acknowledgement of a new reality.

Another series by her focused on the theme of nurturing in tandem with her own motherhood and bringing up a child, exuding a sense of calmness, even while juggling with the different challenges of life. By drawing on simple motifs and images, deftly juxtaposing them in terms of both space and content even while retaining their individuality, the artist sums up the core essence of the home and the homemaker.

The young and talented artist is known to translate her experiences into a vivacious visual language – full of vibrant color and captivating images, distilling her own analysis, explorations and revelations of life. This underlying thought pervades most of her recent works. Her vision only expands with passage of time. Depth of her images and subjects grow and further evolve, as further understanding of reality and progression seep through, allowing the viewers a peep into her inner realm.

This process is juxtaposed with her own transition - whether it be an added domestic responsibility or a subtle change in her mindset – all find an echo in her creations. The gradual shift in priorities and so also perspective is quite palpable in her paintings that essentially draw from her observation of immediate surroundings in context of her personal journey. She begins with certain idea or theme but nothing is pre-conceived. Text comes along in the process of creation as an integral aspect of the painting. It can be either an inscription on the artwork itself or an elaborative the title.

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