Saturday, April 10, 2010

Peeping into eclectic art collection of a celebrity business couple

The Damania household in Mumbai’s Five Gardens locality houses a classy art collection. Providing a peep into it, Riddhi Doshi of The DNA gives us a true ‘treasure treat’.

Both Roshni and Parvez Damania are serious art collectors. Their colorful home has beautiful paintings Adorning the wonderful walls of the hall are works by acclaimed artists like Satish Gujral, M.F. Husain and Bose Krishnamachari among others. Two original drawings by the all-time great Pablo Picasso are memorable.

According to Parvez Damania, these works were bought from abroad, some time ago. He also has Salvador Dali’s limited edition lithographs. The rest of the works in his collection are all Indian works and he absolutely loves them. He has always maintained that he would buy works that are pleasing to the eye and those he ‘wants to grow with’. Most importantly, they ought to be worth the price, he adds. His wife Roshni has been quoted as saying,

“I’ve all the big names like F.N. Souza, Husain, Ram Kumar, Jogen Choudhury, Paritosh Sen, Sakti Burman and others in my collection. Now, we are concentrating more on younger artists and trying to promote them. I guess, every art collector goes through different phases.”
For instance, the wall along the staircase to the bedroom carries works of renowned artist Vaikuntham. The collector couple asserts that all their purchases have been based on research. In fact, the two like to add rare and unusual works to their collection. It includes a Souza landscape. It’s a very rare piece, as the late artist was more renowned for figurative works. There is a rare Ram Kumar painting as well.

If it’s Parvez who makes most purchases, the responsibility of maintenance of the precious pieces lies with Roshni. She quips: “I get tense at times when I see paintings lying on the floor. I tell Parvez to stop buying any more. The maintenance is definitely a task but I manage it somehow.”

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