Sunday, April 25, 2010

Emerging galleries focus on artists rarely shown or those under-represented

It has become challenging for dealers and galleries to sell high-value works by established artists. Naturally, the demand is slowly trickling down to lesser value works by upcoming artists who ably question existing socio-cultural and political strictures. This will result in broadening of the market horizontally, and also in bringing within it vertical depth.

The emphasis clearly is on nurturing new artists and establishing their value in the art market. For example, Gallery Espace is keener to work with young artists for a longer period of time. Espace takes on a couple of emerging artists every year, whereas Guild Art has supported artists like Balaji Ponna and Prajakta Potnis Ponmany. Gallery Project 88 also has focused on experimental artists like Shreyas Karle, Hemali Bhuta and Baptist Coelho.

Experts foresee the growing pool of talented artists far exceeding the number of gallery spaces. In other words, there won’t be enough number of galleries to support artists. Of course, new galleries continue to spring up in metros like Kolkata, Delhi and Mumbai. They strive to give a fresh new perspective that well aligns with the fast evolving needs of the dynamic art market.

Gallery Maskara and Chatterjee + Lal have provided a platform to innovative artists like Nikhil Chopra, a find of Mortimer Chatterjee and Tara Lal. On the other hand, Abhay Maskara has put up some conceptually challenging thematic displays by artists like Shine Shivan and T Venkanna. His gallery looks for artists who are most likely to make a mark in the future.

There are artists rarely shown or are rather under-represented. The collector turned gallerist wants to create a meaningful context for them. Tushar Jiwarajka, another collector turned gallerist, runs Volte. Lakeeren by Arshiya Lokhandwala and The Loft by Anupa Mehta also testify the current trend.

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