Monday, April 5, 2010

Indian artists at Sixth Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art

The Triennial of Contemporary Art at the Gallery of Modern Art and Queensland Art Gallery has received an enthusiastic response from art lovers. The Queensland Art Gallery is Queensland's premier visual arts institution and a leading art museum nationally.

The Trienale showcases the art works of India’s leading contemporary artists. It’s a prominent display of contemporary Indian art to promote it in Australia.The Triennials demonstrate the diversity of contemporary art practice across the region by profiling top artists from different Asian countries. It potrays developments in contemporary art over recent decades through in-depth explorations of different artists and also a strong emphasis on the Gallery’s Collections. The Gallery's driving philosophy is to connect art and people. The Gallery was established in 1895 as the Queensland National Art Gallery.

Since opening, its Collection, exhibitions, and programs have grown in complexity and diversity. It has also embarked on extensive research and wide consultation. Established in 1993, the Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT) is the Queensland Art Gallery’s flagship international contemporary art event. It's the only major series of exhibitions in the world to focus exclusively on the contemporary art of Asia, the Pacific and Australia.

The gallery's commitment to the Triennial and to Asian and Pacific art is reflected in its collection and exhibition program. The art event this year highlights the prominent trends as reflected in the works of India's leading contemporary artists like Subodh Gupta. His five meter high sculpture is composed of pots and pans, he is known for. All the works on view are unique artistic statements and they reflect an exciting future for further such artistic collaborations between India and Australia.

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