Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Seminars to teach finance experts about handling art as asset class

Wealthy investors are gradually braving diversification strategies, which encompass many more exotic investment classes like art. And yet, most professional financial advisers haven’t always been closely familiar with works of art as an asset class while handling these clients’ portfolios.

Keeping this in mind, Deloitte Luxembourg has joined hands with ArtTactic to offer seminars for top finance professionals who seek an in-depth understanding as well as analysis of most recent business developments in the domain wherein art happens to meet finance. Private bankers, institutional investors and asset managers have all come to realize that art is a real, unleveraged and irreplaceable asset - one that fully deserves a place in wealth/asset management.

By participating in these seminars, the professionals will get first-hand information on art-market trends in a financial context, which will help to delve into the art market in a knowledgeable and informed manner and to cultivate ongoing relationships with your best clients. ArtTactic claims to offer a unique approach, which opens newer opportunities for both its clients and subscribers:
•    A unique, subscription-based model allows you flexibility in selecting the markets that match your investments and interests – Its research, reports and podcasts provide conclusive information from key markets, specialized sectors like design and photography, and the burgeoning field of art finance

•    The firm is interested in you and maximizing the potential of your collection, career or investment – its bespoke services offer unique, tailor-made research and analysis for your specific needs; whether you are a collector, art professional or wealth manager

•    The integrity of its business is founded in its independence – It does not take any commission or consideration from commercial art-related businesses.

•    It promises a world view that doesn’t lose sight of detail thanks to an extensive network of tastemakers and contacts in established and emerging art markets, it has eyes focused both globally and locally.

•    Finally, it believes understanding the art market and its eccentricities means you can make better informed decisions. Its education partner ArtInsight provides seminars and courses that connect you with independent information, expertise and contacts.

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