Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Inspirations behind Bharti Prajapati’s art

Bharti Prajapati’s canvases often revel in bright colors plus stark expanses of vast space. The sparse-looking landscape to go with the open skies strikes a perfect balance in her captivating compositions. The daily life of the common people is exalted, as if to celebrate their relationship with nature.

Her grooming as a textile designer (She studied Textile Design at Mumbai’s Sophia Polytechnic, and later at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad.) has helped her enhance the intricate detailing of her canvases even while composing the larger picture. A flat expanses and contrast of detail tends to create a harmonious blend in them.  The Ahmedabad-based artist has had several exhibit of her wonderful work both in India and internationally.

Over the last two decades, her shows have been held at Radisson Gallery, New Delhi (2000); Cymroza Art Gallery, Mumbai (1999, 2001); Galerie Dauphin' Singapore (1999, 2000); Art Focus ,Singapore (1999); Ravishankar Raval Kala Bhavan, Ahmedabad (1998); Gallerie Lavelle, Bangalore (1995); Sanduka, Bangalore; and Objects of Desire, Bangalore (solo exhibition, titled 'Women & Walls') in 1996. She has featured in several group exhibition including 'Figures in Sculptures and Paintings', Jamaat Art Gallery, Mumbai (2010); and one at C.P. Art Centre & Cymroza in Chennai (2000).

The people of Kutch, with their strong cultural roots and ethnic style have had a significant impact on her as an artist. Kutch embroidery stands for a timeless symbol of charm, freshness, innovation and human skills. An awe-inspired glance at the exquisite designs of Kutch embroidery leaves us wondering about the mastery of the Rabaris, a nomadic tribe, who apparently brought this art form to life that includes square chains and patterns, woven employing silk threads with cotton cloth in the background.

Their vibrant and vivacious way of life; the captivating contrasts of the arid, dry and vast landscape along with the various vivid hues of its cultural heritage have prompted her to keenly explore its germination through canvases. Her earnest desire to transform her experience reflects in her paintings.

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