Wednesday, March 27, 2013

India’s noteworthy contemporaries in NGMA collection

By the mid-1980s, art in India started charting a new path. The discourses, which earlier dominated the country’s art scene faded away slowly. The younger breed of practitioners echoed new concerns and explored fresh concepts.

A comprehensive collection of the NGMA comprises works of Sudhir Patwardhan, Vivan Sundaram, Arpita Singh, Nalini Malani, Arpana Caur, Amitava Das, Chittrovanu Majumdar, Jaya Ganguly, Jayashree Chakravarti, Paramjit Singh, Manu Parekh, Manjit Bawa, Rameshwar Broota, Jatin Das, Anjolie Ela Menon, Rekha Rodwittiya, Rajeev Lochan, Atul Dodiya, Jitish Kallat, Subodh Gupta, Veena Bhargava, Hema Upadhaya, Chintan Upadhaya, Riyas Komu, Probir Gupta, Anju Dodiya, Anandajit Ray, and NS Harsha among others to testify the trend. 

Capturing the new eclectic spirit of emerging art practices, the NGMA website explains: “Post-modern ideas left their mark. They experimented with new media, material and techniques, they rethought the scale of the work attempting site-specific three-dimensional installations and they were prepared to negotiate with both global and local stimuli. Themes involving gender, environment and urban crisis began to surface in images. The vibrancy of popular culture worked as a major trigger in image-making.

“Some of the younger artists, even when they were working with representational forms eschewed narrative elements even as they gave vent to whimsy. In sum, contemporary art tore through the silken veils of the exclusive private gallery ambience and donned an assertive dynamism, a colorful vitality.”

Run and administered as a subordinate office to the Department of Culture, Government of India, the Gallery is the premier institution of its kind in India. A repository of the cultural ethos of the country, it showcases the changing art forms through the passage of the last more than hundred and fifty five years starting from about 1857 in the field of Visual and Plastic arts. The NGMA collection today is undeniably the most significant collection of modern and contemporary art in the country today. 

The idea of a national art gallery to germinate and bear fruit was first mooted in 1949. NGMA’s inauguration was marked by an exhibition of sculptures. All the prominent sculptors of the time like Debi Prasad Roy Chowdhury, Ramkinkar Baij, Sankho Chaudhuri, Dhanraj Bhagat, Sarbari Roy Chowdhury and others had participated.

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