Monday, August 13, 2012

Vijay Shinde’s transcendental journey of abstracts

A new solo show, revolving around the mystical theme of 'PRAKRUTI' by artist Vijay Shinde takes place at Mumbai-based Tao Art Gallery.

Elaborating on the theme, an accompanying note states, “What prompts him to do abstracts is the mystic element involved in them, and the subtle sense of expression and the intriguing relationship that he can establish with the space on canvas through abstracts. Born in Kurduwadi, Maharashtra. Studied arts in J. J. School of Arts, during academic days, Vijay Shinde was strongly influenced by Paul Klee, he is also influenced by M. F. Husain and has shared space with him. Vijay considers him as his guru.”

The artist’s new series of work is mostly executed and mounted in a diptych format. The pattern by which Nature/Prakruti is represented is part of a comprehensive vision of emergence and evanescence. Pain and joy are not discrete or mutually independent sensations.

They are occurrences that are transcended in a concept of transition, at once keen and congruent. Shinde does not distinguish between inner and outer Nature, between the environment as the physical world out there and the mental image of that environment within each and every individual. It is the tension, the transition, the exchange, and the resonance between these two modalities that energize and define our reality, the essay reveals. “The key agent in this exchange of energies is the image, and this space between is precisely the place in which Shinde’s work operates.”

Summing up the spirit of his new series, Vijay Shinde mentions: “Our whole culture is based on a dualistic, exclusive, adversarial approach. Some say the intellect is superior human function, others say we are emotional beings. For me, however, the point is to try to connect these two essential elements so that they are put in balance, such that one doesn’t dominate the other.’ The viewers who come in to experience the work have to receive it with their whole body, not just with their intellect or not just with their eyes and that they will do so whether they are conscious about it or not.”

The exhibition continues till 21 August 2012.

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