Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Two decades of a rewarding art journey

On eve of his new show at Mumbai’s Gallery BMB, Bose Krishnamachari explains the secret of his stunning portfolio of nearly six hundred artworks that he has collected over a period of nearly five years.

Throwing light on his passion for collecting art in a free-wheeling interview to Jigna P of The Hindustan Times, the versatile artist shares the nuances of this exciting and enriching process. A show of his works is also being held to mark 20 years of his career in which he has established himself as an artist, collector, curator and, a gallerist of high caliber.

He recounts the first artwork he collected was done by Professor Ingle from Sir J. J. School of Art. He had rusticated the artist while studying there. Later, he bought another work at a sale of 1,000 ink drawings while studying at Goldsmith in the UK.

He did not have enough money then, still he bought it for nearly 60 pounds. Since then he has expanded his collection. Explaining how he has managed to do that, the versatile art personality states: “I believe in Karl Marx’s famous statement that ‘man is his own maker’. I like to make things happen with my dedication and hard work. I do not really plan my career. Nothing else except marriage was planned in my life. I’m not a dreamer. If I don’t have money and I want something, I earn the money and collect it.”

His message for art collectors is be generous with your passion and love. Make things happen. He thinks galleries should try to educate people about collecting art – what to invest in and what not because wrong suggestions can make things go wrong.Do check out the celebrated artist-curator-collector’s monumental LaVA (Laboratory of Visual Arts) project at Mumbai’s Gallery BMB unveils to mark two fulfilling decades of his art career.

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