Friday, November 20, 2009

A celebration of Paresh Maity’s creativity

The new exhibit series ‘Montage Moments Memories’ in Mumbai comprises sculptures, paintings and photographs by the prominent artist.

Considered one of India's most gifted painters, Paresh Maity is having another solo show – his 52nd- at Jehangir Art Gallery first and later at Art Musings. In a testimony to his talent, the proficient artist has won several prestigious awards, including one from the Royal Watercolor Society, London; Academy of Fine Arts, Kolkata; Birla Academy of Art and Culture, Kolkata; Harmony Award, Mumbai; College of Art, Delhi and AIFACS, Delhi.

He describes ‘Montage Moments Memories’ as one of his most expansive shows that spans huge paintings (Mystic City), truly monumental sculpture series (Face to Face), massive black & white photographs (Faces of Life) and a video film on the monsoons (Kolkata to Kozhikode).

In all, there are six paintings and 12 sculptures in bronze and those made from scrap motorcycle parts. Delving into the theme of his new collation, Paresh Maity has mentioned that it goes back to his childhood memories and comprises treasured memories from a coastal town in West Bengal, Tamluk, engulfed by crystal clear water and green fields.

His sojourns across the world also form part of the memories. The artist mentions in an interview: “I have shot a film on tracing the monsoon from Mumbai to Kerala and to Kolkata."A short film that covers his life and art in the last five years or so is another attraction.

Inspired by legendary artist Pablo Picasso's experimental streak in life and art, Paresh Maity has been working with new mediums. In his twin shows, one can see a reflection of his spirit to innovate.

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