Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Summary of conversations and talk sessions at AEI

The just-concluded Art Expo India (AEI) involved leading artists and experts from India and abroad who provided valuable insights into the broader spectrum of Indian art as well as into creative minds of the country’s most talented contemporary artists.

The perfect launch pad to the eclectic art event was served by noted art expert Mallika Sagar Advani who conversed with renowned art expert Kay Saatchi. What are the attributes to watch out for in an emerging artist, the renowned collector-curator was asked, and her reply was: “The artist’s commitment and passion to make art coupled with a certain amount of skill involved is what matters.”

Two interesting talk programs focused on Bose Krishnamachari and Jitish Kallat, among the two most dynamic artists of this generation. The former has conducted various experiments as part of his practice that he discussed during his presentation ‘Everything is Art’.

A piece of art could originate from any ubiquitous object when it’s juxtaposed with right intent and intentions. Emphasizing this particular aspect of his practice, he added: “You can discover art in everything around. If you are conscious of it, you can enjoy the process of discovery. I consider myself a watchman. I watch everything from an artist’s viewfinder.”

‘(X)topia: A Search for Place, A Place for Search’ tracked the journey of artist Jitish Kallat who works in a variety of mediums like painting, photography, installation and sculpture. His oeuvre addresses classic themes of survival and the endless narratives of intense human struggle. It reflects a deep involvement with the city of Mumbai and derives much of its vivacious visual language from his immediate urban environ.

A series of such free-wheeling conversations were held at the annual event not only to promote the emerging contemporary Indian art in the backdrop of its relationship with the international art scene, but also to offer a glimpse of exciting art practices by individual artists.

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