Friday, August 14, 2009

'Art must be taught in schools'

Art aficionado Vickram Sethi talks about his forthcoming Art Expo India 2009, MF Husain and Indian art potential.Vickram believes that there is little left to doubt about the fact that NRIs are big art buyers and often drive up auction prices. Indians living abroad want to possess a part of their heritage which is why they buy Indian art. However, the 30 plus generation has changed many things. They are a highly educated group and control their own finances. They hold a different view of Indian culture. With art being available on the net, now NRIs all over the world have access to Indian art.

So, is art elitist? In India we love to talk about our art and cultural heritage, the truth is that very few Indians understand our art and culture. Unfortunately it’s not taught in school. In the west, a student would have to take art as a major subject in their A levels (equivalent to +2) – like drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, pottery, music, dance, drama, something that the student has to do with his own hands or participate in some creative activity.

So, if art was taught in schools, the masses would respect our artistic traditions, craftsmanship and be sensitive to our culture. Only education can bridge this gap. The art fair, however, will give visitors a chance to listen and interact with experts on a variety of topics and help visitors connect with contemporary art.
The Art Expo India 2009 will be held at Nehru Centre Worli in Mumbai from the 25 to 27 September
Source: Times Of India

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